All packages

opencv_apps OpenCV applications for ROS
pcl_msgs PCL (Point Cloud Library)-related ROS messages
qt_gui_cpp Foundation for C++-bindings for dev-ros/qt_gui and creates bindings for every generator available
qt_gui_py_common Common functionality for ROS RQT GUI plugins written in Python
rosbridge_library Core rosbridge package responsible for interpreting JSON and performing the appropriate ROS action
rosbridge_server A WebSocket interface to rosbridge
rosbuild Scripts for managing the CMake-based build system for ROS
rosclean Cleanup filesystem resources (e.g. log files)
rosconsole ROS console output library
rosconsole_bridge Connects console_bridge-based logging to rosconsole-based logging
roscpp_serialization Code for serialization
roscpp_tutorials Attempts to show the features of ROS step-by-step, including using messages, servers, parameters
roscreate Tool that assists in the creation of ROS filesystem resources
rosdiagnostic Command to print aggregated diagnostic contents to the command line
roslang Common package for all ROS client libraries
roslint Performs static checking of Python or C++ source code for errors and standards compliance
roslisp Lisp client library for ROS
roslz4 Python and C++ implementation of the LZ4 streaming format
rosmake ROS dependency aware build tool
rosmsg Command-line tools for displaying information about message and services
rosparam Command-line tool for getting and setting ROS Parameters on the parameter server
rospy Python client library for ROS
rosserial_windows Libraries and examples for ROSserial usage on Windows Platforms
rosserial_xbee Tools to do point to multipoint communication between rosserial nodes connected to an xbee
rosservice Command-line tool for listing and querying ROS Services
rqt_console GUI plugin for displaying and filtering ROS messages
rqt_controller_manager RQT control manager plugin
rqt_dep GUI plugin for visualizing the ROS dependency graph
rqt_graph GUI plugin for visualizing the ROS computation graph
rqt_gui Main to start an instance of the ROS integrated graphical user interface provided by qt_gui
rqt_py_common Common functionality for rqt plugins written in Python
rqt_py_console Python GUI plugin providing an interactive Python console
rqt_reconfigure Provides the way to view and edit the parameters that are accessible via dynamic_reconfigure
rqt_robot_dashboard Infrastructure for building robot dashboard plugins in rqt
rqt_tf_tree GUI plugin for visualizing the ROS TF frame tree
test_nodelet_topic_tools Nodelet topic tools unit tests
test_nodelet Nodelet unit tests
test_rosbag Unit tests for rosbag
test_rosbag_storage Unit tests for rosbag_storage
test_roscpp Unit tests for roscpp
test_rosgraph Unit tests for rosgraph
test_rosmaster Unit tests for rosmaster
test_rosparam Unit tests for rosparam
test_rospy Unit tests for rospy
test_rosservice Unit tests for rospy
tf2_kdl KDL binding for tf2
tf2_msgs TF2 messages
tf2_py TF2 python bindings
tf2_ros ROS bindings for the tf2 library, for both Python and C++
timestamp_tools Classes to help timestamp hardware events
topic_tools Tools for directing, throttling and selecting ROS topics
urdf C++ parser for the Unified Robot Description Format (URDF)
urdf_parser_plugin C++ base class for URDF parsers
visp_hand2eye_calibration Estimates the camera position with respect to its effector using ViSP
visualization_marker_tutorials Visualization marker tutorials
xmlrpcpp C++ implementation of the XML-RPC protocol
gazebo_dev Provides a cmake config for the default version of Gazebo for the ROS distribution.
rosbag_migration_rule Allows to export rosbag migration rule files without depending on rosbag
poco_vendor CMake shim over the poco library
amcl Probabilistic localization system for a robot moving in 2D
calibration_msgs Messages for storing calibration samples to be used in full robot calibration procedures
camera_calibration Calibration of monocular or stereo cameras using a checkerboard calibration target
camera_calibration_parsers Routines for reading and writing camera calibration parameters
camera_info_manager C++ interface for camera calibration information
costmap_2d Creates a 2D costmap from sensor data
genpy Python ROS message and service generators
image_geometry C++ and Python libraries for interpreting images geometrically
laser_proc Converts representations of sensor_msgs/LaserScan and sensor_msgs/MultiEchoLaserScan
librviz_tutorial Tutorial showing how to compile your own C++ program with RViz displays and features
map_msgs Messages commonly used in mapping packages
map_server Offers map data as a ROS service
nodelet Provides a way to run multiple algorithms in the same process with zero copy transport
qt_gui ROS infrastructure for an integrated graphical user interface based on Qt
roscpp C++ implementation of ROS
rosserial_embeddedlinux Libraries and examples for ROSserial usage on Embedded Linux Enviroments
rqt_image_view GUI plugin for displaying images using image_transport
rviz_python_tutorial Tutorials showing how to call into rviz internals from python scripts
self_test Robot self-test node
sensor_msgs Messages for commonly used sensors, including cameras and scanning laser rangefinders
test_roslib_comm Unit tests for roslib
visp_tracker Wraps the ViSP moving edge tracker provided by the ViSP library
turtle_tf Demonstrates how to write a tf broadcaster and listener with the turtlesim
turtle_tf2 Demonstrates how to write a tf2 broadcaster and listener with the turtlesim
turtlesim Tool made for teaching ROS and ROS packages
urdf_tutorial URDF tutorials
urg_c URG Helper / URG Widget / URG Library / urg_c
urg_node ROS wrapper for the Hokuyo urg_c library
uuid_msgs ROS messages for universally unique identifiers
visp_auto_tracker Online automated pattern-based object tracker relying on visual servoing
visp_bridge Converts between ROS structures and ViSP structures
visp_camera_calibration Calibration of cameras using a customizable pattern and ViSP library
calibration_launch Launch files that can be helpful in configuring the calibration stack to run on your robot
test_roslaunch Unit tests for roslaunch
ament_cmake_export_include_directories Export include directories to downstream packages in the ament buildsystem
actionlib_tutorials Actionlib tutorials
ament_cmake_export_definitions Export definitions to downstream packages in the ament buildsystem
actionlib Provides a standardized interface for interfacing with preemptable tasks
ament_cmake_export_dependencies Export dependencies to downstream packages in the ament buildsystem in CMake
actionlib_msgs Common messages to interact with an action server and an action client
ament_cmake_export_interfaces Export interfaces to downstream packages in the ament buildsystem
ament_cmake_export_libraries Export libraries to downstream packages in the ament buildsystem
ament_cmake_export_link_flags Export link flags to downstream packages in the ament buildsystem
ament_cmake_gtest The ability to add gtest-based tests in the ament buildsystem
ament_cmake_include_directories Export include directories to downstream packages in the ament buildsystem
ament_cmake_python The ability to use Python in the ament buildsystem
ament_cmake_version Override the exported package version in the ament buildsystem
ament_cmake_libraries The functionality to deduplicate libraries in the ament buildsystem
ament_cmake_test The ability to add tests in the ament buildsystem
angles Set of simple math utilities to work with angles
audio_capture Transports audio from a source to a destination
audio_common_msgs Messages for transmitting audio via ROS
audio_play Outputs audio to a speaker from a source node
bondcpp C++ implementation of bond, a mechanism for checking when another process has terminated
calibration_estimation Runs an optimization to estimate the a robot's kinematic parameters
base_local_planner Trajectory Rollout and Dynamic Window approaches to local robot navigation on a plane
bondpy Python implementation of bond, a mechanism for checking when another process has terminated
carrot_planner Attempts to find a legal place to put a carrot for the robot to follow
class_loader ROS-independent package for loading plugins
clear_costmap_recovery Recovery behavior that attempts to clear space by reverting the costmaps to the static map
collada_urdf Convert Unified Robot Description Format (URDF) documents into COLLADA documents
collada_parser C++ parser for the Collada robot description format
combined_robot_hw_tests Combined Robot HW class tests
compressed_depth_image_transport Plugin to image_transport for transparently sending depth images using PNG compression
combined_robot_hw Combined Robot HW class
compressed_image_transport Plugin to image_transport for transparently sending images encoded as JPEG or PNG
control_msgs Base messages and actions useful for controlling robots
control_toolbox Modules that are useful across all controllers
controller_interface Interface base class for controllers
controller_manager The controller manager
controller_manager_msgs The controller manager
controller_manager_tests Tests for the controller manager
convex_decomposition Convex Decomposition Tool for Robot Model
cpp_common C++ code for doing things that are not necessarily ROS related
cv_bridge Converts between ROS Image messages and OpenCV images
depth_image_proc Nodelets for processing depth images such as those produced by OpenNI camera
depthimage_to_laserscan Converts a depth image to a laser scan for use with navigation and localization
diagnostic_analysis Converts diagnostics data into a series of CSV files
dwa_local_planner Dynamic Window Approach to local robot navigation on a plane
dynamic_reconfigure Provides a means to change node parameters at any time without having to restart the node
diagnostic_common_diagnostics Generic nodes for monitoring a linux host
diagnostic_msgs Standardized interface for the diagnostic and runtime monitoring systems in ROS
diagnostic_updater Tools for updating diagnostics
driver_base Framework for writing drivers that helps with runtime reconfiguration, diagnostics and self-test
eigen_stl_containers Provides a set of typedef's that allow using Eigen datatypes in STL containers
eigen_conversions Conversion functions between Eigen and KDL and Eigen and geometry_msgs
fake_localization A ROS node that simply forwards odometry information
filters Standardized interface for processing data as a sequence of filters
gazebo_msgs Message and service data structures for interacting with Gazebo from ROS
gazebo_plugins Robot-independent Gazebo plugins
gazebo_ros ROS plugins that offer message and service publishers for interfacing with gazebo
gazebo_ros_control ROS control plugins for gazebo
geneus EusLisp ROS message and service generators
genlisp Common-Lisp ROS message and service generators
gennodejs Javascript ROS message and service generators
geodesy Python and C++ interfaces for manipulating geodetic coordinates
geographic_msgs ROS messages for Geographic Information Systems
geometric_shapes Generic definitions of geometric shapes and bodies
geometry_msgs Messages for common geometric primitives such as points, vectors, and poses
global_planner Path planner library and node
hector_compressed_map_transport Means for transporting compressed map data through the use of image_transport
gmapping ROS wrapper for OpenSlam's Gmapping
hardware_interface Hardware Interface base class
hector_geotiff Node to save occupancy grid map, robot trajectory and object of interest data to GeoTiff images
hector_geotiff_plugins Plugins that extend geotiff maps generated by hector_geotiff
hector_imu_attitude_to_tf Publish the roll/pitch attitude angles reported via a imu message to tf
hector_imu_tools Tools for processing IMU messages
hector_map_tools Functions related to accessing information from OccupancyGridMap maps
hector_map_server Service for retrieving the map, as well as for raycasting based obstacle queries
hector_mapping SLAM approach that can be used without odometry and on platforms that exhibit roll/pitch motion
hector_nav_msgs Messages and services used in the hector_slam stack
hector_marker_drawing Convenience functions for easier publishing of visualization markers
hector_pose_estimation hector_pose_estimation node and the hector_pose_estimation nodelet
hector_pose_estimation_core Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) that estimates the 6DOF pose of the robot
hector_slam_launch Launch files for launching hector_slam with different robot systems/setups/postprocessing scenarios
hector_trajectory_server Keeps track of tf trajectories and makes this data accessible via a service and topic
image_cb_detector Extracts checkerboard corners from ROS images
image_proc Single image rectification and color processing
image_publisher Publish an image stream from single image file or avi file.
image_rotate Rotates an image stream minimizing the angle between an arbitrary vector and the camera frame
image_view Simple viewer for ROS image topics
imu_complementary_filter Fuses angular velocities, accelerations, and (optionally) magnetic readings from an IMU device
imu_filter_madgwick Fuses angular velocities, accelerations, and (optionally) magnetic readings from an IMU device
image_transport Transparent support for transporting images in low-bandwidth compressed formats
imu_processors Processors for sensor_msgs::Imu data
imu_transformer Node/nodelet combination to transform sensor_msgs::Imu data from one frame into another
interactive_marker_tutorials Interactive marker tutorials
interactive_markers 3D interactive marker communication library for RViz and similar tools
interval_intersection Tools for calculating the intersection of interval messages coming in on several topics
ivcon Mesh Conversion Utility
joint_limits_interface Interface for enforcing joint limits
joint_state_publisher Tool for setting and publishing joint state values for a given URDF
joint_states_settler Reports how long a subset of joints has been settled
laser_assembler Nodes to assemble point clouds from either LaserScan or PointCloud messages
kdl_parser Constructs a KDL tree from an XML robot representation in URDF
kdl_parser_py Python tools to construct a KDL tree from an XML robot representation in URDF
laser_cb_detector Extracts checkerboard corners from a dense laser snapshot
laser_filters Assorted filters designed to operate on 2D planar laser scanners
laser_geometry Class for converting from a 2D laser scan into a point cloud
mavros_msgs Messages for MAVROS
media_export Allow ROS packages to export media paths to each other
message_filters Set of message filters which take in messages and may output those messages at a later time
mavros MAVLink extendable communication node for ROS
mk A collection of .mk include files for building ROS architectural elements
monocam_settler Listens on a ImageFeatures topic, and waits for the data to settle
message_runtime Package modeling the run-time dependencies for language bindings of messages
message_to_tf Translates pose information from different kind of common_msgs message types to tf
move_base Given a goal in the world, will attempt to reach it with a mobile base
move_base_msgs Holds the action description and relevant messages for the move_base package
move_slow_and_clear Move slow and clear
moveit_msgs Messages, services and actions used by MoveIt
nodelet_tutorial_math Nodelet tutorial
nav_msgs Common messages used to interact with the navigation stack
nav_core Common interfaces for navigation specific robot actions
navfn Fast interpolated navigation function that can be used to create plans for a mobile base
nmea_msgs Messages related to data in the NMEA format
nodelet_topic_tools Common nodelet tools such as a mux, demux and throttle
object_recognition_msgs ROS message and the actionlib definition used in object_recognition_core
octomap_msgs Messages and serializations / conversion for the OctoMap library
octomap_ros Conversion functions between ROS / PCL and OctoMap's native types
opencv_tests Tests for ROS OpenCV integration
openni2_camera ROS drivers for the Asus Xtion and Primesense Devices
openslam_gmapping ROS-ified version of gmapping SLAM
pcl_conversions Provides conversions from PCL data types and ROS message types
pcl_ros PCL (Point Cloud Library) ROS interface stack
pluginlib Provides tools for writing and dynamically loading plugins using the ROS build infrastructure
pluginlib_tutorials Pluginlib tutorials
pointcloud_to_laserscan Converts a 3D Point Cloud into a 2D laser scan
polled_camera C++ helper classes for implementing a polled camera driver node and requesting images from it
pr2_description Description (mechanical, kinematic, visual, etc.) of the PR2 robot
pr2_dashboard_aggregator Aggregates all of the topics that a 'pr2_dashboard' app might be interested in
pr2_machine xxx.machine files that describe the different hosts a node can be spawned on
pr2_msgs Messages for representing PR2 state, such as battery information and the PR2 fingertip sensors
qt_dotgraph Helpers to work with dot graphs
python_qt_binding Infrastructure for an integrated graphical user interface based on Qt
qt_gui_app Main to start an instance of the integrated graphical user interface provided by qt_gui
random_numbers Wrappers for generating floating point values, integers, quaternions using boost libraries
realtime_tools Set of tools that can be used from a hard realtime thread, without breaking the realtime behavior
resource_retriever Retrieves data from url-format files
rgbd_launch Launch files to open an RGBD device
robot_localization Package of nonlinear state estimation nodes
robot_pose_ekf Estimate the 3D pose of a robot, based on (partial) pose measurements coming from different sources
robot_pose_publisher A Simple Node to Publish the Robot's Position Relative to the Map using TFs
robot_state_publisher Package for publishing the state of a robot to tf
ros_environment ROS environment variables
rosapi Provides service calls for getting ros meta-information, like list of topics, services, params, etc.
rosauth Server Side tools for Authorization and Authentication of ROS Clients
rosbag Set of tools for recording from and playing back to ROS topics
rosbag_storage Set of tools for recording from and playing back ROS message
rosbash Assorted shell commands for using ros with bash
rosboost_cfg Tool for determining cflags/lflags/etc. of boost on your system
rosgraph Prints information about the ROS Computation Graph
rosgraph_msgs Messages relating to ROS comm
roslib Base dependencies and support libraries for ROS
roslaunch Tool for easily launching multiple ROS nodes
rosmaster ROS Master implementation
rosnode Command-line tool for displaying debug information about ROS nodes
rospack Retrieves information about ROS packages available on the filesystem
rosout System-wide logging mechanism for messages sent to the /rosout topic
rospy_tutorials Attempts to show the features of ROS step-by-step, including using messages, servers, parameters
rosserial_arduino Libraries and examples for ROSserial usage on Arduino/AVR Platforms
rosserial_client Generalized client side source for rosserial
rosserial_msgs Messages for automatic topic configuration using rosserial
rosserial_python A Python-based implementation of the ROS serial protocol
rosserial_server C++ implementation of the rosserial server side
rosserial_tivac Definitions for rosserial_client targets for TivaC Launchpad evaluation boards.
rostest Integration test suite based on roslaunch that is compatible with xUnit frameworks
rqt_bag GUI plugin for displaying and replaying ROS bag files
rqt_bag_plugins GUI plugin for displaying and replaying ROS bag files
rostopic Command-line tool for displaying debug information about ROS Topics
rosunit Unit-testing package for ROS
roswtf Tool for diagnosing issues with a running ROS system
rotate_recovery Recovery behavior that attempts to clear space by performing a 360 degree rotation of the robot
rqt_action Introspect all available ROS action (from actionlib) types
rqt_logger_level GUI plugin for configuring the logger level of ROS nodes
rqt_gui_cpp Enables GUI plugins to use the C++ client library for ROS
rqt_gui_py Enables GUI plugins to use the Python client library for ROS
rqt_moveit Assists monitoring tasks for MoveIt! motion planner
rqt_msg Python GUI plugin for introspecting available ROS message types
rqt_nav_view Provides a gui for viewing navigation maps and paths
rqt_pose_view GUI plugin for visualizing 3D poses
rqt_publisher GUI plugin for publishing arbitrary messages with fixed or computed field values
rqt_launch Easy view of .launch files
rqt_plot GUI plugin visualizing numeric values in a 2D plot
rqt_rviz GUI plugin embedding RViz
rqt_robot_monitor Displays diagnostics_agg topics messages that are published by diagnostic_aggregator
rqt_robot_steering GUI plugin for steering a robot using Twist messages
rqt_service_caller GUI plugin for calling arbitrary services
rqt_shell GUI plugin providing an interactive shell
rqt_srv GUI plugin for introspecting available ROS message types
rqt_runtime_monitor GUI plugin viewing DiagnosticsArray messages
rqt_web Simple web content viewer for rqt
rviz 3D visualization tool for ROS
rviz_imu_plugin RVIZ plugin for IMU visualization
settlerlib Helper functions and routines to help creating a settler for a specific sensor channel
rqt_top RQT plugin for monitoring ROS processes
rqt_topic GUI plugin for displaying debug information about ROS topics
shape_msgs Messages for defining shapes, such as simple solid object primitives, planes, and meshes
shape_tools Tools for operating on shape messages
smach Task-level architecture for rapidly creating complex robot behavior
smach_msgs Set of messages that are used by the introspection interfaces for smach
smach_ros Extensions for the SMACH library to integrate it tightly with ROS
smclib The State Machine Compiler (SMC) converts the description of a state machine into source code
stereo_image_proc Stereo and single image rectification and disparity processing
stage_ros ROS specific hooks and tools for the Stage simulator
std_srvs Messages relating to ROS comm
test_diagnostic_aggregator diagnostic_aggregator tests
stereo_msgs Messages specific to stereo processing, such as disparity images
test_bond Tests for bond, bondpy and bondcpp
tf Maintains the relationship between coordinate frames in a tree structure buffered in time
test_tf2 TF2 unit tests
tf2 The second generation Transform Library in ROS
tf2_bullet TF2 bullet support
tf2_eigen TF2 eigen support
tf2_geometry_msgs The second generation Transform Library in ROS
tf2_tools Tools for 2nd gen Transform library
tf_conversions Conversion functions to convert common tf datatypes into identical datatypes used by other libraries
tf2_sensor_msgs Transform sensor_msgs with tf. Most notably, PointCloud2
theora_image_transport Plugin to image_transport for transparently sending an image stream encoded with the Theora codec
turtle_actionlib Demonstrates how to write an action server and client with the turtlesim
unique_id ROS Python and C++ interfaces for universally unique identifiers
trajectory_msgs Messages for defining robot trajectories
transmission_interface Transmission Interface
visualization_msgs Messages used by higher level packages that deal in visualization-specific data.
voxel_grid Implementation of an efficient 3D voxel grid
xacro XML macro language
gencpp ROS C++ message definition and serialization generators
genmsg Python library for generating ROS message and service data structures
message_generation Build-time dependencies for generating language bindings of messages
rostime Time and Duration implementations for C++ libraries
bond A bond allows two processes, A and B, to know when the other has terminated
diagnostic_aggregator Aggregates ROS diagnostics
kdl_conversions Conversion functions between KDL and geometry_msgs types
libmavconn MAVLink communication library
mavlink-gbp-release MAVLink message marshaling library
mavros_extras Extra nodes and plugins for mavros
openni2_launch Launch files to start the openni2_camera drivers using rgbd_launch
calibration_setup_helper Script to generate calibration launch and configurationfiles for your robot
cmake_modules CMake Modules which are not distributed with CMake but are commonly used by ROS packages
roscpp_traits Message traits code
rviz_plugin_tutorials Tutorials showing how to write plugins for RViz
std_msgs Standard ROS Messages
console_bridge_vendor Wrapper around console_bridge
ament_cmake_core The core of the ament buildsystem in CMake
ament_cmake_target_dependencies Add defs, include dirs and libs to a target in the ament buildsystem