All packages

geometry2 The second generation Transform Library in ros
ament_cmake The entry point package for the ament buildsystem
common_msgs Messages that are widely used by other ROS packages
bond_core A bond allows two processes, A and B, to know when the other has terminated
common_tutorials Metapackage that contains common tutorials
diagnostics Packages related to gathering, viewing, and analyzing diagnostics data from robots
geometry Common geometric calculations
executive_smach SMACH library and ROS SMACH integration packages
desktop Metapackage for a basic ROS desktop install
driver_common Classes and tools that are useful throughout the driver stacks
gazebo_ros_pkgs Interface for using ROS with the gazebo simulator
desktop_full Metapackage for ROS complete desktop install
geographic_info Geographic information metapackage
audio_common Common code for working with audio in ROS
geometry_tutorials Metapackage of geometry tutorials ROS
calibration Provides a toolchain running through the robot calibration process
imu_tools Various tools for IMU devices
roscpp_core Underlying data libraries for roscpp messages
ros ROS packaging system
ros_comm ROS communications-related packages
ros_tutorials Demonstrates various features of ROS, as well as support packages which help demonstrate them
ros_core Metapackage to aggregate the packages required to use core ROS concepts
nodelet_core Nodelet Core Metapackage
ros_base Metapackage which extends ros_core and includes other basic non-robot tools
robot_model Packages for modeling various aspects of robot information
robot Metapackage which extends ros_base and includes ROS libaries for any robot hardware
laser_pipeline Meta-package for processing laser data, e.g. converting laser data into 3D representations
image_common Common code for working with images in ROS
vision_opencv Converts between ROS Image messages and OpenCV images
qt_gui_core Integration of the ROS package system and ROS-specific plugins for a Qt-based GUI
rqt Qt-based framework for GUI development for ROS
rqt_common_plugins ROS backend graphical tools suite that can be used on/off of robot runtime
rqt_robot_plugins Metapackage of rqt plugins that are particularly used with robots during its operation
viz Metapackage for ROS visualization packages
pr2_common URDF description and 3D models of robot components of the PR2 robot
visualization_tutorials Metapackage referencing tutorials related to rviz and visualization
perception_pcl PCL (Point Cloud Library) ROS interface stack
image_pipeline Fills the gap between getting raw images from a camera driver and higher-level vision processing
image_transport_plugins Plugins for publishing and subscribing topics in representations other than raw pixel data
perception Metapackage for ROS perception stack
ros_control Controller interfaces, controller managers, transmissions, hardware_interfaces, control_toolbox
simulators Metapackage for ROS simulation packages
unique_identifier ROS messages and interfaces for universally unique identifiers
hector_localization Collection of packages, that provide the full 6DOF pose of a robot or platform
hector_slam hector_mapping and related packages
slam_gmapping ROS wrapper for OpenSlam's Gmapping
navigation 2D navigation stack
imu_pipeline Tools for processing and pre-processing IMU messages for easier use by later subscribers
rosbridge_suite JSON API to ROS functionality for non-ROS programs
rosserial Metapackage for core of rosserial
mavros Metapackage for mavros packages
vision_visp Virtual package providing ViSP related packages