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net-wireless/osmo-fl2k turns FL2000-based USB 3.0 to VGA adapters into low cost DACs
x11-misc/polybar A fast and easy-to-use tool for creating status bars
dev-db/percona-xtrabackup-bin MySQL hot backup software. non-blocking backups for InnoDB/XtraDB databases
dev-ruby/activestorage Attach cloud and local files in Rails applications
sci-chemistry/chemex Program to fit chemical exchange induced shift and relaxation data
dev-python/flexmock Testing library to create mocks, stubs and fakes
sci-libs/tensorflow Computation framework using data flow graphs for scalable machine learning
net-libs/grpc Modern open source high performance RPC framework
dev-python/absl-py Abseil Python Common Libraries
net-print/brlaser Brother laser printer driver