Enable git (version control system) support

Packages describing “git” as local USE flag

Package“git” Flag Description
app-admin/passUse dev-vcs/git for password revisions.
app-editors/gedit-pluginsShows document changes related to git's HEAD
app-text/blogcBuild blogc-git-receiver tool
dev-util/gnome-builderProvide support for the Git version control system via dev-libs/libgit2-glib (such as setup of Git for New Project, direct cloning for Open Project and changed lines indicators in the editor gutter)
kde-apps/kdesdk-metaEnable support for Git VCS in kde-apps/dolphin via kde-apps/dolphin-plugins-git
sys-devel/gettextWhen running `autopoint`, use git to store the internal development files; this requires git at runtime, but will be faster/smaller than raw archives

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