Packages describing “pipewire” as local USE flag

Package“pipewire” Flag Description
app-emulation/qemuEnable pipewire output for sound emulation
dev-libs/westonEnable virtual remote output with Pipewire on DRM backend
games-fps/serioussamEnable support for pipewire.
gnome-base/gnome-shellUse pipewire to enable the camera monitor
gui-apps/waybarEnable support for pipewire
gui-wm/gamescopeEnable screen capture via PipeWire
media-libs/libsdl2Enable support for the media-video/pipewire audio backend
media-libs/openalEnable support for the media-video/pipewire audio backend
media-plugins/audacious-pluginsBuild the PipeWire output plugin
media-sound/cavaEnable support for the media-video/pipewire backend
media-sound/deadbeefPipewire output plugin
media-sound/fluidsynthenable media-video/pipewire support
media-sound/mpdPipeWire support
media-sound/qmmpEnable PipeWire output plugin
media-tv/kodiEnable pipewire support
media-video/mpvEnable sound support via native PipeWire backend
media-video/obs-studioBuild with PipeWire support.
media-video/qmplay2Build with PipeWire support
net-voip/mumbleEnable pipewire support for audio output.

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