Build text (TrueType font) functions

Packages describing “text” as local USE flag

Package “text” Flag Description
media-libs/imlib2 Build text (TrueType font) functions
app-text/xmlto Support conversion from XML to plain text
dev-haskell/prettyprinter While it's a core value of @prettyprinter@ to use @Text@, there are rare circumstances (mostly when @prettyprinter@ arises as a dependency of test suites of packages like @bytestring@ or @text@ themselves) when this is inconvenient. In this case one can disable this flag, so that @prettyprinter@ fallbacks to @String@.
app-misc/note Add support for text backend
app-doc/tldp-howto Install plain-text docs
dev-haskell/nothunks Provide instances for text

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