Enable Vulkan drivers

Packages describing “vulkan” as local USE flag

Package “vulkan” Flag Description
app-emulation/wine-staging Enable Vulkan drivers
dev-qt/qtgui Enable support for Vulkan
media-video/mpv Enable support for various Vulkan-based video backends
media-video/qmplay2 Build with Vulkan support
dev-qt/qt3d Enable support for Vulkan
dev-qt/qtdeclarative Enable support for Vulkan
dev-qt/qtwayland Enable support for Vulkan-based server buffer integration
app-emulation/crossover-bin Enable Vulkan drivers
app-emulation/wine-vanilla Enable Vulkan drivers
app-office/libreoffice Enable Vulkan usage via the skia library (clang recommended)
games-emulation/dolphin Enable support for Vulkan-based video backend.
media-libs/libplacebo Add support for the vulkan graphics API
media-libs/mesa Enable Vulkan drivers
dev-python/shiboken2 Generate "QSurface::VulkanSurface" bindings
media-video/ffmpeg Enables support for the vulkan API for GPU offload.
media-libs/libsdl2 Enable Vulkan support
media-video/pipewire Enable vulkan spa plugin integration
x11-wm/metacity Enable Vulkan based compositor support via META_COMPOSITOR=vulkan environment variable

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