The acct-user category contains packages for system users.

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alias alias user for qmail mail delivery
asterisk User for asterisk
avahi user for avahi
avahi-autoipd user for avahi-autoipd
bacula A group for the bacula backup system
bedrock A user for the Minecraft Bedrock server
bitcoin System-wide Bitcoin services user
burp User for the app-backup/burp server
ceph User for ceph
cmd5checkpw User for cmd5checkpw
ddclient A user for the dynamic DNS client
deluge user for deluge
dnscrypt-proxy User for net-dns/dnscrypt-proxy
dnsmasq_exporter user for dnsmasq_exporter
dovecot user for dovecot daemon
dovenull user for dovecot daemon
elasticsearch Elasticsearch program user
epmd User for Erlang Protmapper Daemon
fhem A user for the FHEM perl server for house automation
ftp File Transfer Protocol server user
git Git repository hosting user
gkrellmd user for gkrellm daemon
graylog Graylog program user
gvm Greenbone vulnerability management program user
i2p User for system-wide net-vpn/i2p
i2pd User for the system-wide net-vpn/i2pd server
inspircd User for InspIRCd server daemon
ipfs User for the system-wide net-p2p/go-ipfs-bin server
kibana Kibana program user
knot User for knot DNS server
logstash Logstash program user
mail Mail program user
man System user: man
messagebus System user: messagebus
minecraft A user for the Minecraft server
minetest A user for the Minetest server
mongodb MongoDB program user
mosquitto A user for the mosquitto MQTT broker
mpd An user for music player daemon (mpd)
msmtpd user for msmtp daemon
munin user for munin
munin-async user for munin async proxy node
murmur user for murmur daemon
mysql MySQL program user
mythtv Mythtv mythbackend server/deamon user
netdata user for netdata
nsd user for nsd daemon
ntp user for ntp daemon
oidentd System user: oidentd
opendkim User for OpenDKIM
openntpd user for openntpd daemon
openrct2 A user for the OpenRCT2 dedicated server
pdnsd user for pdns daemon
plex Plex Media Server user
polkitd System user: polkitd
postfix user for postfix daemon
postmaster Postmaster user
qemu System user: qemu
qmaild user for qmail-smtpd
qmaill user for qmail logging
qmailp user for qmail-getpw
qmailq user for qmail queue
qmailr user for qmail-rspawn and qmail-remote
qmails user for qmail-smtpd
redmine Redmine application user
rspamd User for rspamd - Rapid spam filtering system
rtkit User for the Realtime Policy and Watchdog Daemon
slurm User for the slurm - Highly Scalable Resource Manager
spectrum A user for the Spectrum messaging transport
spire user for spiffe runtime environment
stdiscosrv User for the Syncthing discovery server
steamcmd A user for the SteamCMD server
strelaysrv User for the Syncthing relay server
syncthing User for the system-wide net-p2p/syncthing server
systemd-coredump System user: systemd-coredump
systemd-journal-remote System user: systemd-journal-remote
systemd-network System user: systemd-network
systemd-resolve System user: systemd-resolve
systemd-timesync System user: systemd-timesync
teamspeak A user for the TeamSpeak server
tor user for tor daemon
tox User for package net-libs/tox
transmission System user: transmission
tss Trusted Software Stack for TPMs user
unifi A user for the UniFi Controller
unrealircd System user: unrealircd
uptimed user for uptime daemon
vpopmail user for vpopmail


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