All packages

pioneers A clone of the popular board game The Settlers of Catan
ace DJ Delorie's Ace of Penguins solitaire games
atakks A clone of Ataxx
awale Free Awale - The game of all Africa
biloba a board game, up to 4 players, with AI and network
blokish Open source clone of the four-player board game Blokus
camato A map editor for the game gnocatan
ccgo An IGS client written in C++
cgoban A Go-frontend
chessx Qt5-based Chess Database Utility
domination The well-known board game, written in java
eboard chess interface for POSIX systems
four-in-a-row Make lines of the same color to win
freedoko FreeDoko is a Doppelkopf-game
fruit UCI-only chess engine
gambit Qt-based chess application + engine "gupta"
gmchess Chinese chess with gtkmm and c++
gnome-chess Play the classic two-player boardgame of chess
gnome-hearts A clone of classic hearts card game
gnome-mahjongg Disassemble a pile of tiles by removing matching pairs
gnome-mines Clear hidden mines from a minefield
gnono A rewrite for GNOME of the Windows card game WUNO
gnubg GNU BackGammon
gnuchess-book Opening book for gnuchess
gnuchess Console based chess interface
gnugo A Go-playing program
gnushogi Japanese version of chess (commandline + X-Version)
grhino Reversi game for GNOME, supporting the Go/Game Text Protocol
gtkatlantic Monopoly-like game that works with the monopd server
gtkboard Board games system
hexxagon Clone of the original DOS game
iagno Dominate the board in a classic version of Reversi
mah-jong A networked Mah Jong program, together with a computer player
maitretarot server for the french tarot game maitretarot
megamek an unofficial, online version of the Classic BattleTech board game
mt_dolphin_ia client for the french tarot game maitretarot
mt_gtk_client client for the french tarot game maitretarot
mt_ncurses_client client for the french tarot game maitretarot
natch A program to solve chess proof games
openyahtzee A full-featured wxWidgets version of the classic dice game Yahtzee
pasang-emas A traditional game of Brunei
peg-e A peg solitaire game
phalanx A chess engine suitable for beginner and intermediate players
crafty Bob Hyatt's strong chess engine
polyglot Protocol adapter to run UCI chess engines under xboard
tablebase-syzygy Syzygy chess endgame tablebases for up to 6 pieces
pysolfc An exciting collection of more than 1000 solitaire card games
stockfish Free UCI chess engine, claimed to be the strongest in the world
simsu A basic sudoku game
sirius A program for playing the game of othello/reversi
sjeng Console based chess interface
spider Spider Solitaire
tali Beat the odds in a poker-style dice game
tetzle Jigsaw puzzle game that uses tetrominoes for the pieces
xfreecell A freecell game for X
xgammon very nice backgammon game for X
xmahjongg friendly GUI version of xmahjongg
xmille Mille Bournes card game
xscrabble An X11 clone of the well-known Scrabble
xskat Famous german card game
pychess A chess client for Gnome
scid a free chess database application
xboard GUI for gnuchess and for internet chess servers
ascal A game similar to Draughts but with some really cool enhancements
cockatrice An open-source multiplatform software for playing card games over a network
teg Gnome Risk Clone
pokerth Texas Hold'em poker game
pouetchess 3D and open source chess game
goatee-gtk A monadic take on a 2,500-year-old board game - GTK+ UI