The sci-calculators category contains scientific calculator packages.

bc-ghImplementation of POSIX bc with GNU extensions
calcooScientific calculator designed to provide maximum usability
datamashcommand-line program for basic numeric, textual and statistical operations
galculatorGTK+ based algebraic and RPN calculator
hcalcDJ's Hex Calculator
hexcalcSimple hex calculator for X
keurocalcUniversal currency converter and calculator
orpieA fullscreen RPN calculator for the console
pcalcthe programmers calculator
qalculate-gtkModern multi-purpose calculator
qalculate-qtQt-based UI for libqalculate
speedcrunchFast and usable calculator for power users
tiemuTexas Instruments hand-helds emulator
tilp2Communication program for Texas Instruments calculators
transcalcMicrowave and RF transmission line calculator
unitsUnit conversion program
wcalcA flexible command-line scientific calculator
xsvA fast CSV command line toolkit written in Rust


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