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datamash command-line program for basic numeric, textual and statistical operations
keurocalc Universal currency converter and calculator
bc-gh Implementation of POSIX bc with GNU extensions
calcoo Scientific calculator designed to provide maximum usability
galculator GTK+ based algebraic and RPN calculator
grpn A reverse polish notation (RPN) calculator based on GTK+ and libmath
hcalc DJ's Hex Calculator
hexcalc A simple hex calculator for X
orpie A fullscreen RPN calculator for the console
pcalc the programmers calculator
qalculate-gtk Modern multi-purpose calculator
speedcrunch Fast and usable calculator for power users
tilp2 Communication program for Texas Instruments calculators
units Unit conversion program
wcalc A flexible command-line scientific calculator
tiemu Texas Instruments hand-helds emulator
transcalc Microwave and RF transmission line calculator