The sys-block category contains packages which work with block devices.
aoetoolstools for ATA over Ethernet (AoE) network storage protocol
arcconfMicrosemi Adaptec RAID Controller Command Line Utility
blktraceshow detailed info about what is happening on a block device io queue
bmap-toolsFlashing tool using block maps and sparse files
bufferA tapedrive tool for speeding up reading from and writing to tape
cecCoraid Ethernet Console client
devioCorrectly read (or write) a region of a block device
diDisk Information Utility
disktypeDetect the content format of a disk or disk image
dustA more intuitive version of du
endpointEndpoint turns a Linux machine with a firewire card into an SBP-2 device
f3Utilities to detect broken or counterfeit flash storage
fioJens Axboe's Flexible IO tester
flashbenchTool for benchmarking and classifying flash memory drives
fwdlSeagate Fibre-Channel disk firmware upgrade tool
gpartPartition table rescue/guessing tool
gpartedPartition editor for graphically managing your disk partitions
hdrecoverAttempts to recover a hard disk that has bad blocks on it
hpssacliHPE Smart Storage Administrator (HPE SSA) CLI (HPSSACLI, formerly HPACUCLI)
io-scheduler-udev-rulesUdev rules to allow easier customization of kernel I/O schedulers
libfabricThe Open Fabrics Interfaces (OFI) framework
libzbcA library and tools for working with ZBC and ZAC disks
libzbdZoned block device manipulation library and tools
lsiutilLSI Logic Fusion MPT Command Line Interface management tool
mbufferM(easuring)buffer is a replacement for buffer with additional functionality
megacliLSI Logic MegaRAID Command Line Interface management tool
megactlLSI MegaRAID control utility
megamgrLSI Logic MegaRAID Text User Interface management tool
megarcLSI Logic MegaRAID Text User Interface management tool
mmc-utilsUserspace tools for MMC/SD devices
mpt-statusQuery tool to access the running configuration and status of LSI SCSI HBAs
ms-sysA command-line program for writing Microsoft compatible boot records
mtxUtilities for controlling SCSI media changers and tape drives
nbdUserland client/server for kernel network block device
nbdkitNBD server with stable plugin ABI and permissive license
ndctlHelper tools and libraries for managing non-volatile memory on Linux
open-iscsiA performant, transport independent, multi-platform implementation of RFC3720
open-isnsiSNS server and client for Linux
partedCreate, destroy, resize, check, copy partitions and file systems
partimageConsole-based application to efficiently save raw partition data to image file
partitionmanagerUtility for management of disks, partitions and file systems
perccliLINUX PERCCLI Utility For All Dell HBA/PERC Controllers
qla-fc-firmwareQLogic Linux Fibre Channel HBA Firmware for ql2xxx cards
raid-checkScript to do "scrubbing" on software RAID systems
sas2ircuLSI MPT-SAS2 controller management tool
sas3flashFlash utility for LSI MPT-SAS3 controller
sas3ircuLSI MPT-SAS3 controller management tool
scsiaddAdd and remove SCSI devices from your Linux system during runtime
scsipingSCSIPing pings a host on the SCSI-chain
scsirastoolsServiceability for SCSI Disks and Arrays
sedutilThe Drive Trust Alliance Self Encrypting Drive Utility
seekwatchergenerates graphs from blktrace to help visualize IO patterns and performance
smp_utilsUtilities for SAS management protocol (SMP)
spindownSpindown is a daemon that can spin down idle disks
storcliMegaRAID StorCLI (successor of the MegaCLI)
tapecattapecat is a tape utility used to describe the physical content of a tape
targetcli-fbCommand shell for managing Linux LIO kernel target
tgtLinux SCSI target framework (tgt)
thin-provisioning-toolsA suite of tools for thin provisioning on Linux
tw_cli3ware SATA/PATA/SAS RAID controller Command Line Interface tool
vbladevblade exports a block device using AoE
viaideinfoQuery VIA IDE controllers for various information
wait-for-dri-devices-rulesUdev and systemd rules to wait for dri devices
whddDiagnostic and recovery tool for block devices
zram-initScripts to support compressed swap devices or ramdisks with zRAM


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