The sys-kernel category contains kernel source ebuilds and kernel-related tools.

asahi-sourcesAsahi Linux kernel sources
bliss-initramfsBoot your system's rootfs from Encrypted/OpenZFS
cryptodevdevice that allows access to Linux kernel cryptographic drivers
dkmsDynamic Kernel Module Support
dracutGeneric initramfs generation tool
dracut-crypt-sshEarly unlocking of encrypted systems via ssh for dracut
genkernelGentoo automatic kernel building scripts
gentoo-kernelLinux kernel built with Gentoo patches
gentoo-kernel-binPre-built Linux kernel with Gentoo patches
gentoo-sourcesFull sources including the Gentoo patchset for the 6.6 kernel tree
git-sourcesThe very latest -git version of the Linux kernel
installkernelGentoo fork of installkernel script from debianutils
kergenKernel config generator
kpatchDynamic kernel patching for Linux
linux-docsDeveloper documentation generated from the Linux kernel
linux-firmwareLinux firmware files
linux-headersLinux system headers
linux-nextLinux kernel and patches aimed at the next kernel merge window sources for MIPS-based machines
modprobed-dbKeeps track of EVERY kernel module ever used - useful for make localmodconfig
pf-sourcesLinux kernel fork that includes the pf-kernel patchset and Gentoo's genpatches
raspberrypi-imageRaspberry Pi (all versions) kernel and modules
raspberrypi-sourcesRaspberry Pi kernel sources
rt-sourcesFull Linux 6.1 kernel sources with the CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT patch
vanilla-kernelLinux kernel built from vanilla upstream sources
vanilla-sourcesFull sources for the Linux kernel
zen-sourcesThe Zen Kernel Live Sources


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