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bbswitch Toggle discrete NVIDIA Optimus graphics card
acpi Displays information about ACPI devices
acpid Daemon for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
acpi_call A kernel module that enables you to call ACPI methods
acpilight Replacement for xbacklight that uses the ACPI interface to set brightness
acpitool A small command line application, intended to be a replacement for the apm tool
intel-undervolt Intel CPU undervolting and throttling configuration tool
sispmctl GEMBIRD SiS-PM control utility
ncpufreqd Daemon controlling CPU speed and temperature
nvclock NVIDIA Overclocking Utility
suspend Userspace Software Suspend and S2Ram
nvram-reboot PowerOff Boot-Images for nvram-wakeup (not needed for GRUB)
nvram-wakeup read and write the WakeUp time in the BIOS
pm-quirks Video Quirks database for pm-utils
pm-utils Suspend and hibernation utilities
powermgmt-base Script to test whether computer is running on AC power
powerstat Laptop power measuring tool
powertop tool to diagnose issues with power consumption and power management
hibernate-script Hibernate script supporting multiple suspend methods
powernowd Daemon to control the speed and voltage of CPUs
iasl Intel ACPI Source Language (ASL) compiler
nut Network-UPS Tools
upower D-Bus abstraction for enumerating power devices, querying history and statistics
uhubctl USB hub per-port power control
athcool small utility to toggle Powersaving mode for AMD Athlon/Duron processors
thermald Thermal daemon for Intel architectures
apcupsd APC UPS daemon with integrated tcp/ip remote shutdown
cpupower Shows and sets processor power related values
pmtools Collection of tools for ACPI and power management
tuxedo-cc-wmi Kernel Module for Tuxedo WMI