Global USE flag

Add extra documentation (API, Javadoc, etc). It is recommended to enable per package instead of globally

Packages describing “doc” as local USE flag

Package “doc” Flag Description
media-gfx/blender Build C and Python API documentation directly from the source code.
net-mail/notmuch Install API documentation
net-analyzer/cacti install html documentation
net-firewall/nftables Create man pages for the package (requires app-text/asciidoc)
app-misc/muttprint Builds documentation
x11-misc/picom Build documentation and man pages (requires app-text/asciidoc)
media-libs/webvfx Install doxygen developer documentation
sys-apps/pacman Install extended documentation using app-doc/doxygen. (Man pages are included by default.)
media-sound/pulseaudio Build the doxygen-described API documentation.
media-gfx/gnofract4d Install user manual
net-libs/c-client Install RFCs related to IMAP
app-emulation/open-vm-tools Generate API documentation
net-analyzer/munin Build and install a local copy of the HTML documentation for the whole software. This requires dev-python/sphinx to process the documentation sources.
app-i18n/pyzy Generate API documentation
dev-libs/libp11 Generate and install API documentation for the package.
app-portage/eix Create description of the eix cache file additionally in html format
sys-devel/llvm Build and install the HTML documentation and regenerate the man pages
mail-client/alot Install user manual and API documentation
games-rpg/dreamweb High-resolution scans of the written material in the original UK game box
dev-util/perf Build documentation and man pages. With this USE flag disabled, the --help parameter for perf and its sub-tools will not be available. This is optional because it depends on a few documentation handling tools that are not always welcome on user systems.
dev-libs/libunibreak Install html API documentation.
app-crypt/mit-krb5 Creates and installs the API and implementation documentation. This is only useful if you want to develop software which depends on kerberos
x11-wm/stumpwm Include documentation
x11-misc/alock Build and install manpage with app-text/asciidoc.
dev-python/icalendar Generate examples and other extra documentation
x11-wm/i3 Build and install the HTML documentation and regenerate the man pages
dev-libs/boost Install the full API documentation documentation. This takes over 200MB of extra disk space.
dev-libs/libnl Install development documentation
sys-libs/ldb Builds documentation
dev-lisp/clx Builds documentation
dev-lisp/cmucl Installs package documentation
games-engines/solarus Install doxygen developer documentation.

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